10 Best Water Purifier In India [2020] Reviews & Guide

best water purifier in india

Does your house have bad water?

Do your children drink dirty water?

A good water purifier protects you from many diseases, so every house should have good water purifier so that water is safe. There are thousands of water purifiers in India in which you will find it is very difficult for which one to take. I will try today in this article to deliver you the best water purifier which will fulfill your needs.

And my team has released the list of top 10 best water purifiers in India 2020 after about 15 hours of research and effort to choose which one is good, and which will solve your all problems.

List of Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India 2020:

1. Hindware Elara Mineral Fortification Water Purifier

Hindware Elara 7 Liter Mineral Fortification Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank : 7 liters
•Color: White and Black
•Weight: 6.8 Kg
•Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Number one comes from our Hindware Company. In this, you will get a capacity of 7 liters so that a lot of water can be stored in it and its special thing is that it purifies the water along with the 7 different stages. You will get a Tap level smart LED induction which you can easily see how much water is filled inside it and other useful information.

It is capable of refining water in a very good quantity. It can input water up to 1800 ppm at the TDS level. This means that even dirty water this filter can make it drinkable. The specialty of this water purifier is that this filtered watered taste like the bottle of bislery.

All those standard features come in this which comes in a good water filter. To tell the truth, it has more filters than a normal water purifier. You can easily clean this purifier because it comes with Detachable Front Cover.

Its bonus point is that when you order this, you will get a free installation service from the company.

  • Easily purifier all types of water
  • Stylish design
  • Durable
  • Less Maintenance Cost
  • Little Expensive

2. Aquafresh Swift Water Purifier

Aquafresh Swift 15 Ltr Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster And Uf Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 15 liters per day
•Color: white
•Weight:7 kg
•Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

This water filter has an attractive design, it has a transparent cover and a water level indicator so that you can check how much water fills or not. Its price is very low and it is a good water purifier for Indian conditions.

The company has claimed that it can purify 15 liters of water in 1 day which makes it better than other water purifiers in its same price range. This water filter works on reverse osmosis and UV treatment. Reverse osmosis is a process of water treatment in which the water-dirt is removed by the water membrane.

This water filter comes with a cartridge that attaches to the purification system. And this cartridge helps in removing the waste of water. This cartridge easily changes and replaced on a periodic basis.

It has got a very good rating on Amazon many people love after buying this water purifier.

  • Affordable
  • High Capacity of Purifying Water
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Customer Service Is Bad

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 20 liters
•Color: Blue
•Weight: 2.71 kg
•Warranty: 6 Month Warranty
•Return: 10 Days Returnable

Did you think that you can buy a good water purifier even for just Rs 3000, the Eureka Forbes company has made this dream come true.

In this water purifier, you will get 20 liters of water storage, its design is simple which you will have no problem in understanding the functions of this water purifier and. It is made of non-toxic plastic Due to which it will be very durable and harmful elements will not come.

It comes with Positive Charge Technology which passes water through an intricate mesh of positively charged nanofibers that remove all kinds of bacteria, viruses, Cyst and other microbial contaminants.

This purifier is designed for a budget of very tight people so that they can buy a water purifier at a low cost.

  • Affordable
  • Good Storage
  • 3 Stages of Purification
  • Average Features

4. Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier

Blue Star Majesto Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 8 Litres
•Color:  White & Blue
•Weight: 10.5 kg
•Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 Days Replacement Only

It is made of very premium quality, its capacity is 8 liters. It comes in white color, in it you will get the function of child lock which you can lock and stop wasting unused water whenever you want. If the tank is full of water. its tank indicator will notify you which will make your work easier.

it has 6 stage purification which are Pre-filter, Pre carbon filter, Sediment filter, RO membrane, UV Lamp, Post Carbon filter with ATB.

Its RO Membrane has a capacity of 285 liters to purify water per day. Its superfine sediment removal purifies small germs, which will give you clean water.

It is a premium quality water purifier and has all the features that a high-quality water purifier should have.

  • Durable
  • Premium Quality
  • 6 stage purification
  • Little Expensive For Some People

5. KENT Grand Water Purifier

KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable  Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 8 litres
•Color: White
•Weight: 9.4 kg
•Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 days Replacement

Kent is the first name to come up whenever someone talks about a water purifier. It comes with RO TM technology with the TDS controller which ensures that your family gets fresh water. In this water filter, you will get a capacity of 8 liters. This Water Purifier purifies water at 20 liters per hour.

This water purifier has a water level indicator so that you can easily track how much water is available in stores. This water purifier is very good according to Indian conditions because it can run smoothly even in low power, it does not need much electricity.

This Water Purifier comes with RO + UV / UF so that it easily removes the bacterial impurities, microorganisms, and viruses. Its plastic is also very good and its body parts are durable also.

You will get the water purifier installation free by the company.

  • Long Warranty
  • Durable
  • Less Electricity consumption
  • No Serious Cons Found

6. Kent Ace Mineral Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 7 Litres
•Color: White
•Weight: 10.6 kg
•Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 Days Replacement Only

Kent is the most preferred brand in India in terms of water purifiers. It comes with all the features that come in the basic Kent model. The plastic of this water purifier is made of very good quality. Its double purification of RO + UV even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts, making the water pure.

Its RO technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS controller which provides safety and tasty water. It can verify all types of dirty dirty water easily.

It comes with a filter change alarm that indicates replacement time and if the UV fails, then there is a UV fail alarm to tell you that the UV lamp becomes inefficient.

In this water purifier, you will get a 3-year warranty by Kent.

  • Suitable For Indian Kitchen
  • Safe To Use
  • Double Purification
  • No Major Cons Found

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard review

•Capacity Tank: 7 liters
•Color: Black
•Weight: 5.9 kg
•Warranty: 6 Month Warranty
•Return: 1 year warranty 

It is a great water purifier, its design is very beautiful, the company provides a large 7 liters water tank in this purifier, which ensures that we do not end up with water even when guests come to our house.

It comes with energy saving mode, which greatly reduces the electricity consumption when its tank is full, then this energy saving mode automatically turns off the electricity, this saves a lot of electricity.

It has smart indicators which indicate the tank to be full and power-on status. It has a cartridge life of 6000 liters and is equipped with smart indicators when cartridge will not work properly indicators will tell. Its MTDS level is up to 2000 ppm so that you get water tasty and safe.

Many people have bought it on Amazon and they are happy with this Eureka Forbes water purifier.

  • Excellent Design
  • Long Lasting Body
  • Customer Services Available 24X7
  • No Cons Found

8. Blue Star Aristo 7 Litre Water Purifier

Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 7 Litres
•Color: Black
•Weight: 7.5 kg
•Warranty: 1 year on product
•Return: 10 days Replacement

Blue Star has been in the kitchen and home appliances for many years, it is known for the quality of its products. The capacity of the water purifier is 7 liters which you will not have any problem in water storage. It has a tank indicator that highlights when the tank is full.

It also has a child lock feature in which you can stop unnecessary water. It also comes with the feature of low-pressure alert that indicates low pressure in the input water supply to the purifier.

It verifies water through 6 processes, no matter how dirty the water is, it makes it very easy. It has also passed it to Aqua taste booster test. Its double RO + UF protection will ensure that whatever water you will be drink were absolutely clean and healthy.

This is Blue Star’s most liked water purifier.

  • Durable Body
  • High Quality Purification
  • 6 Stage Water Purification
  • Requires maintenance

9. Havells Max 7 litres RO UV Water Purifier

Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 7 liters
•Color: Sea Green
•Weight: ———–
•Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 Days Replacement Only

The design of the water purifier is quite good, it comes with a 7-liter capacity. It purifies water in RO & UV purification in 7 stages with germicidal UV-C provides absolutely safe drinking water.

In this, iProtect Purification Monitoring looks at the constant purification process so that you always get clean water. This water purifier from Havells also comes with an electrical production system, if the voltage goes above 330 votes or below 170 volts, it prevents the purifier from getting electric damage.

In this, you will get to see a lot of alerts which are Process alerts: Self-diagnostic, purification, and tank full. Error alerts: UV, SV, or pumps failure. It also equipped with Revitalizer which restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves hydration and mineral absorption.

You can easily remove its tank. you can easily clean this water purifier without any headache.

  • Durable Body
  • Excellent Design
  • Revitalizer Technology
  • High Maintenance
  • Little Expensive For Middle Class Family

10. LG Puricare Water Purifier

LG Puricare  Water Purifier review

•Capacity Tank: 8 liters
•Color: Black
•Weight: 9.2 kg
•Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
•Return: 10 Days Returnable

Very few people would know that LG’s water purifier also made by the company. LG company manufactures water purifiers as much as possible in advance and premium quality only.

Its outer body made from stainless steel. The body is strong and the company has been given a 10-year warranty on its body. It has 5 RO filtration stages which remove virus and bacteria and this protects the purifier water from dissolving the effluent water.

Its parts are also very strong and they will last for many years. Due to the steel tank, there will be very few germs in the water and the water will be safe for a long time than the plastic tank.

It is expensive but it is also very powerful from other water purifiers.

  • Premium Quality Product
  • Durable
  • 5 Stage RO Filtration System
  • Expensive

Best Water Purifier In India Buying Guide:

Best Water Purifier in india Buying Guide

Today I am going to share with you how to buy a good water purifier which can meet all your household needs. There are many factors. I called every factor in point. You read everything carefully.

TDS Level:

tds level

It is also an important factor as it tests water quality. TDS stands for Total dissolved solids. The more tds level in water filter it will affect your health. I have listed the table below:

TDS LevelRisk
0-50Ideal drinking water
200-300Marginal Level
300-400Unpleasant water
500+High Risk

Types Of Water Purifier:

types of water purifier

Gravity based:

Reverse osmosis:



Types Of Purifier According To Storage:

Non electrical with storage: In these fitters, you can store water after filtering.

Non electrical without storage: Water is not stored in these filters, water is extracted from direct tap.

Electrical with storage: These filters run on electricity and water can also be stored in them.

Electrical without storage: These filters run on electricity and cannot store water in them.

This is article on water purifier which will solve problem.

Best Water Purifier Brand In India:

Best Water Purifier Brand In India

Over the years, lots of different brands have come up, which call themselves great. I chose only three of them which have been in the Indian market since 10 years. Let’s see those 2 brands which are most popular in the Indian market.

Kent: It is an Indian health care brand which has been booming in the Indian market for the last 5 years, every citizen of India knows this brand, its head quarter is in Noida.

Eureka Forbes: It is a consumer good company, it was discovered in 1982, it is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, its product are mainly in the kitchen categories. It’s headquarter is based in Mumbai.


Did you like the article? Please tell me by commenting in the comment box, do not forget to share this article with your friends. I have tried to put my best effort into preparing the list of best water purifier.

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