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10 Best Mil Plastic For Greenhouse

Top Pick. 1
6 mil Greenhouse Plastic Film Sheeting Cover, 10' x 26' UV Resistant Polyethylene Film, 4 Year Green...
  • Premium Greenhouse Cover: 6 Mil thickness green house plastic is made of premium flexible polyethylene, Create an optimum greenhouse environment, Tear resistant, Superior strength and toughness for long lasting
  • Optimum Light Transmission: Greenhouse plastic sheeting to allow light to get through, Help light to dispersion and creates a more consistent temperature, Allows your plants to get even lighting in all areas inside your structure, Get optimum crops growth
  • Anti-aging & Anti-drip: The greenhouse film contain antiager for long-term use; Plastic film also designed with anti-drip treatment, which can prevents formation of damaging drips inside your greenhouse; These greenhouse cover also reduce the absorption of dust for optimum plant growth
Top Pick. 2
Farm Plastic Supply - Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting - 6 mil - (25' x 40') - 4 Year UV Resistant...
  • Plastic Greenhouse Cover - Our 6 mil clear plastic for greenhouses is tough and durable. Made from premium polyethylene plastic sheeting, our green house plastic creates an optimal greenhouse environment.
  • Greenhouse Plastic UV - Farm Plastic Supply's 6mil clear plastic is constructed with anti-aging UV additives, made for long term use. These additives protect the green house film from UV rays and prolong the life of your hoop house plastic.
  • Superior Light Transmission - Our clear plastic for greenhouse's lets light through, distributing light evenly throughout your green house and allowing for even temperature distribution. Proper light transmission will aid in optimal crop growth.
Top Pick. 3
Yowlieu 12' x 25' Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting, 6 Mil UV Resistant Polyethylene Greenhouse Film...
  • 6 Mil Clear Greenhouse Plastic Cover: Our greenhouse plastic 6 mil made from premium polyethylene, which is tear-resistant, UV protected, superior strength and toughness for used long time. The greenhouse film is protect plant from various weather, create an optimal greenhouse environment and stable growth environment for the plant
  • Higher Light Transmission: Our green house plastic clear let light through, distributing light evenly throughout the greenhouse, Get even lighting and maintain warm temperature is essential to allow your plants to thrive, you also can see the status of the plant growing through the greenhouse cover
  • Anti-drip & UV-resistant: Yowlieu greenhouse plastic sheeting contain antiager additives and anti-drip treatment, which can prevents formation of damaging drips inside your greenhouse, and protect the plastic film from uv rays, keep for long term use; Also reduce the absorption of dust for optimum plant growth
SaleTop Pick. 4
Happybuy Greenhouse Film 24 x 50 ft, Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Thickness, Greenhouse...
  • High-Quality Polyethylene Material: The greenhouse film is made of high-quality polyethylene with 6 mil thickness, tear-resistant and against UV radiation for long-lasting uses.
  • 24x50 Ft Greenhouse Film: The greenhouse polyethylene film is 24' wide and 50' long. The tough polyethylene film can unfold easily and quickly and can be folded into rolls.
  • Maintain Warm Temperature: The greenhouse plastic is designed against UV radiation in hot temperatures and can keep warm in cold temperatures. These cover films also reduce the absorption of dust for optimum plant growth.
Top Pick. 5
Be Cool Solutions Polyethylene Greenhouse Film, 6mil, 24'W X 25'L – Clear Plastic Single Layer...
  • PERFECT GREENHOUSE SHEET FOR YOUR PLANTS: Our polyethylene greenhouse film with its 6mil (150micron) commercial grade thickness, is the ideal cover sheet to use for greenhouses and gardens. Simplified, hassle free poly installation is guaranteed, as it unfolds and unrolls into a wide, pliable cover.
  • MADE TO LAST – YOU’LL HAVE IT FOR YEARS: Manufactured using high quality polyethylene, our greenhouse cover is very durable and will last in all seasons for years. It folds up to 210% stronger, has a tear strength up to 164% higher and a puncture force up to 12% higher, making it the most premium product on the market that ensures longevity.
  • UV TREATED FOR A LONGER GROWING SEASON: Our 6mil greenhouse covering is UV treated and ensures up to 4 years UV protection. It captures the IR energy of the sun during the day and slowly releases the heat energy at night. The thermal preservative quality helps your plants grow by protecting them during the day from temp ill effects and maintaining warmer temps during the night
Top Pick. 6
Clear Greenhouse Film Plastic Sheeting 6 Mil Thickness,Greenhouse cover Polyethylene Plastic,5 Year...
  • 6 Mil Clear Greenhouse:Our clear plastic sheeting made from High-Quality Polyethylene Material,tear-resistant and against UV radiation is tough and durable
  • Higher Light Transmission:Our 6 mil clear plastic sheeting for greenhouse's lets light through,distributing light evenly throughout your green house and allowing for even temperature distribution and can keep warm in cold temperatures.
  • 12x28 Ft plastic sheeting:The Greenhouse Film is12' wide and 28' long.The tough polyethylene film is easily unpacked and installed,it can be cut to your preferred size,and can be folded into rolls.12x28 Ft plastic sheeting:The Greenhouse Film is12' wide and 28' long.The tough polyethylene film is easily unpacked and installed,it can be cut to your preferred size,and can be folded into rolls.
Top Pick. 7
SUNVIEW Greenhouse Plastic Clear 6 mil, 4 Year, Polyethylene Covering Film 10 ft. Wide x 25 ft. Long
  • ✅ 6 Mil Thickness Multi-layer extruded polyethylene.
  • ✅ 90% Light Transmission, 18% Diffused.
  • ✅ Formulated for maximum PAR light transmission, clarity, and strength.
Top Pick. 8
A&A Green Store Greenhouse Plastic 4 Year 6 mil UV Resistant Clear Polyethylene Film (12' x 25')
  • ✅ 6 Mil Clear Greenhouse Film. Shipped as a roll or folded depending on size.
  • ✅ Manufactured using a 5 layer greenhouse film technology for better durability and longevity
  • ✅ Superior Strength and Toughness.
Top Pick. 9
Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting Tape, Greenhouse Plastic Repair Tape,UV Greenhouse Plastic Tape Repair...
  • Plastic polyethylene film repair clear roll tape high quality thickness greenhouse repair tape clear and is not only tough but also very sticky.
  • Greenhouse plastic repair tape greenhouse plastic sheeting as the film cracks are too large, recommended to stick repair tape on both sides. which can be cut freely according to different situations to solve various cracks of the film.
  • Greenhouse tape widely used permanently repairing rips and tears in Greenhouse, High Tunnel, and poly tunnel covers and tarps.
Top Pick. 10
Farm Plastic Supply - Panda Film Light Deprivation Greenhouse Cover - 8 mil - (12' x 32') - 100%...
  • Greenhouse Blackout Supplies - Black on one side and white on the other, our blackout plastic is engineered to provide your plants with complete darkness. The white side of this green house cover reflects light on the exterior of your greenhouse, while the black side creates a dark environment.
  • Longevity - Our black and white poly greenhouse plastic cover is built to withstand the elements. Most black white poly film will degrade over time - not ours! Constructed with a UV inhibitor, our light deprivation greenhouse cover will stand up to the sun.
  • Strong and Durable - Farm Plastic Supply's green house plastic covers are manufactured for strength and durability. Our black poly film roll comes in 8 mil thickness, ensuring that the polyethylene sheeting will not rip or tear, even after extended use.
Top Pick. 11
GRELWT Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness, Covering Plastic, UV Resistant(12 ft X 100 ft)
  • 🍀Specification: One pack of Clear 6 mil polyethylene film 12 ft X 100 ft. Guaranteed 4 years.
  • 🍀The 5 layer technology in our UV resistant greenhouse plastic allows it to have high mechanical strength and flexibility.
  • 🍀Our greenhouse film is designed with a high 90% light transmittance. This is the amount of light that is able to pass through your greenhouse. High light transmission is essential to allow your plants to thrive.
Top Pick. 12
VEVOR Greenhouse Film, 12' x 100' Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting, 6 mil Thickness Suncover Greenhouse,...
  • Premium Polyethylene Material: Our 6 mil greenhouse film features wear-proof, puncture-proof, and drip-proof. It will be a good choice because of its strength and toughness for long lasting.
  • UV Protection: The greenhouse plastic sheeting has an excellent UV protection function. It will improve the film's life span by up to 4 years. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions, such as heat, freeze, strong winds, and heavy rain.
  • Higher Light Transmittance: The light transmittance of our polyethylene film is about almost 90%. The film allows light to get through evenly, providing a consistent temperature for plants to thrive. You can also observe the plants outside because of the high transparency.

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