10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India [2020] Reviews & Guide

best kitchen chimney

Cooking in an Indian household is all-important. Almost every household in India has a kitchen. But the problem is mostly Indian kitchens are of smoke and grime produced while cooking. In India most of the kitchens are small. We generally use an exhaust fan to extract fumes and smokes produced in the kitchen.

But exhaust fan is not sufficient and enough for extracting cooking smoke. Now to solve this problem of smokes and fumes in the kitchen, we need to install a quality kitchen chimney.

The kitchen chimney keeps the kitchen clean, pure, airy, odor-free, and carbon dioxide-free. I have prepared the list of Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020 which will help you to choose the right kitchen chimney.

List of Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020:

1. Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney

 Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney review

•Color: Stainless Steel Black
•Suction Power: 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Few kitchen chimneys come with the auto clean function. This kitchen chimney comes with an auto cleaning function. Cleaning the chimney manually becomes a difficult task, which is why the chimney with auto-clean function is always referred to. This chimney is also one of them.

This kitchen chimney is quite beautiful in design. It comes with a high-quality stainless-steel buffer filter, which easily covers all the dust oil and other parts. It also has LED lights.

For your convenience, it has a touch control panel and companion digital display. This chimney has a very powerful motor that gives suction power 1200 m3/h, so you will get less smoke and maximum fragrance while you are cooking.

  • Auto Clean Chimney
  • Less Maintenance
  • Suction Power of 1200 m3/hr
  • You will face Issue for small kitchen

2. Faber Filterless Auto clean Chimney

Faber Filterless Auto clean Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

The design of this kitchen chimney is very good and comes in black color. It has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/h so that it can easily consume smoke particles and you will have hassle-free cooking.

This Faber Chimney comes with two LED lights that consume very little power and provide very good light. This chimney comes with filterless technology, with minimal filters being used. This kitchen chimney produces much less noise than others.

An oil collector comes in the kitchen chimney which lays the oil and other residues in it so that the kitchen chimney always remains cleans. Its control panel comes with a touch that enables ease of operation making easy and effortless products to use.

  • Suction capacity Good
  • Powerful motor
  • Filter-less technology
  • Little Expensive

3. Elica 60 Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 Auto Clean Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Elica brand kitchen chimney has always made a mark in Indian markets. It has a great design. It comes with a baffle filter that eliminates unhealthy smoke and greasy things from the kitchen. This is one of the best selling kitchen chimneys on Amazon.

In this Elica chimney, the oil collector has been designed separately which ensures that the kitchen chimney will be cleaned easily. It comes with a touch control panel that will give you easy access and features.

The capacity of its suction motor is also very good. It comes with 1200 cubic minutes in which you can easily clean your kitchen and its maintenance cost is also very low. In this you will get two LED lights that provide a lot of light and you will not have any issue with the light while you are cooking.

  • Positive Rating on Amazon
  • Easy To Use
  • Durable
  • No Major Cons Found

4. Eurodomo Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney review

•Color: Stainless Steel
•Suction Power: 1100 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

This kitchen chimney of Eurodomo is available at a very good discount. This kitchen chimney comes in steel color. This kitchen chimney is made very beautiful from outside. It has a touch control panel which makes your work much easier.

The special thing of this chimney is done or comes with Gesture control which recognizes the human body and interacts with it. It controls the chimney without physical contact. This kitchen chimney comes with a baffle filter that you will not need to replace every month.

It has an oil collector, which collects oil and other particles so that the chimney remains always clean. It comes with an LED light which gives very good light and you will not face any problem while you are cooking.

  • Gesture control
  • Baffle Filter
  • Good Suction power
  • Sometime Customer Care Does Not Response Quickly

5. Glen Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Glen Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1000 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: Lifetime warranty T&C
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

The Glen brand is known for its durability. For the last several years, it has made its name in the Indian market. This chimney also has a good design. Its build quality is also quite awesome. This kitchen chimney is very good according to the Indian condition.

All its wires are made of plastic and copper so that you will get long lasting performance, and you will also be protected from the electric shock. Its LED light will also give long lasting performance, it runs much more than other chimneys.

The fan of this chimney is made of Flame Retardant Plastic, which produces much less sound. It comes with a copper Italian motor which, when it gets too hot, automatically shuts down, so that the kitchen chimney does not get spoiled. In this, you will get push buttons in this chimney which you can control.

  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Nice Design
  • Powerful suction
  • No Auto Clean Feature

6. Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney review

•Color: Silver
•Suction Power: 850 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Its design is very much like modern kitchen Chimney, its body is made of stainless steel which gives durability and ensures reliable long term quality performance. It comes with two bulbs that provide decent light.

Its suction power is good, according to its price, it gives 850 Cubic Feet Per Minutes with seconds power, it is also an energy efficient kitchen chimney. It has push buttons that you can navigate through the kitchen chimney functions and these push buttons are easily cleaned with a soft cloth.

It comes with a cassette filter that captures the dust particle. It is a high quality cassette filter that captures the smallest dust particle and smoke particle easily. If seen, it is a very good product according to the price.

  • Affordable
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Customer Services Is not Good

7. Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1100 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

The sunflame chimney comes with energy efficient LED lights which increases the light of your kitchen and you can operate easily. It provides the right amount of light when you are cooking.

The main thing about this kitchen chimney is that it produces 55.5 decibels sound which is low noise. This chimney comes with the baffle filter that works efficiently forcing oil & other residues to settle inside the baffle making the chimney always clean.

It has a high-speed watt motor that makes the fan spin fast as much as possible. It has a powerful suction capacity of 1100 m3/h making it easier to consume smoke other particles easily. It also has an Intelligent push-button control that offers maximum comfort and user convenience which helps to control and operate the light and other functions of the chimney.

  • Low Noise Level
  • Elegant Design
  • High Quality Baffle Filter
  • Problem For Installation.

8. Hindware Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Auto Clean Chimney  review

•Color: Grey
•Suction Power: 1200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Hardware is one of the most loved brand of India. This Hindware chimney has also received a very good rating on Amazon. Its design is so amazing it looks like a premium quality chimney.

The metal blowers ensure the maximum strength and the durability, The metal blowers are connected to the duct system. It has two LED lights that provide a high degree of illumination and are quite Less Consumption in power.

One touch controls on the front panel of the chimney enable ease of operation. This kitchen chimney is built according to the Indian kitchen, it comes with a stainless steel baffle filter which can easily consume dust and other particles easily.

  • Powerful Metallic Blower
  • Thermal Auto clean Technology
  • Energy Efficient LED
  • Little Expensive

9. Glen Electric Chimney

Glen Electric Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1000 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 1 year on product, 7 years on motor
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

It is a very special kitchen chimney because it has a very unique design. All the wire of this chimney is made with Flame Retardant Plastic, which reduces the short circuit and makes the wire run very long.

The push button controls are easy to operate the function of this chimney. The glass used in it is safe and tempered, its edge has been given round so that no one gets hurt.

It also has an Italian motor with an overload protector which ensures that in case of overheating it turns off the motor instead of burning. It has stainless steel baffle filter with dynamic airflow which works in a very efficient way, it easily clean and it is long lasting also.

  • Long Warranty On Motor
  • Excellent Design
  • Bright LED Light
  • No Serious Cons Found

10. Inalsa Pyramid Chimney

Inalsa Pyramid Chimney review

•Color: Black
•Suction Power: 1050 Cubic Feet Per Minute
•Warranty: 7 year warranty on motor and 2 year on body
•Return: 10 days Replacement Only

Inalsa has come brand new in the Indian market. In this kitchen chimney, you will have two LED light bulbs which you can easily see the button and other features while cooking even in dim light.

Its body has coated with anti-rust black powder-coated so that it does not get rust easily and its hood also coated with anti rust black powder to avoid rust and remain long lasting. Its suction power is also very good and it takes very little power as compared to other kitchen chimneys.

In this chimney, you will get two stainless-steel 2 baffle filters which can easily capture small germs and smoke particles. These baffle filters can be clean very easily without any professional help.

  • Affordable
  • Anti Rust Body and Hood
  • Suction Power Is good
  • Some Area Have No Customer Care Facility

Best Kitchen Chimney In India Buying Guide:

Best Kitchen Chimney In India Buying Guide

There are a lot of different factors when buying kitchen chimneys, which are very important factors, I have covered in this article. Let’s take a look now to those essential factors.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney:

types of kitchen chimney

There are two types of kitchen Chimney. I have described below:

Wall Mounted Chimney: these types of chimney attach to the wall.

Island Ceiling Chimney: these types of chimneys located to the centre of the kitchen and ceiling but they are away from the wall.

Corner chimney: These types of chimney fit in the corner.

Types Of Kitchen Chimney Filters:

types of kitchen chimney filters

Cassette/Mesh Filter: These chimneys have the cheapest filter, it has an aluminium mesh. Whenever you cook food, whatever oil remains, it gets stuck in the filter and you have to clean it every 15 days.

Baffle Filter: It is made of aluminium body. You have to maintain it once in 3 to 4 months. In this filter multiple curves are given that allows the smoke to escape freely while restraining the grease from doing so.

Charcoal Filter: It is made up of charcoal granules. The oil and other particles that will stuck in the carbon filter and it has to be maintained only once in 6 months.

Auto Clean Chimney: Its name suggests that it is capable of cleaning its own body part. These kitchen chimneys are durable. These have detachable oil collector that had to wash only in month.

Size Of Kitchen Chimney:

Stove sizeChimney size
2 to 4 burners stove60 cm chimney size
3 to 5 burners stove90 cm chimney size

Duct Vs Ductless Chimneys:

Ducting ChimneysDuctless Chimneys
High costLow Cost
Uses mesh and baffle filtersUses charcoal filters
High suction powerLow suction power
Easy to maintainNeeds to change filter frequently

Other Important Features To Look In:

Buzzer: It acts like an alarm when it is required to clean the kitchen chimney.

Led Light Indicator: This will tell you whether your Kitchen Chimney is doing well or not.

Detachable Oil Cleaner: This gathers the oil particle and enhances the performance of the filter.

Auto Heat Sensor: It will detect the oil particle heat and switch on or off automatically.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brand In India:

best kitchen chimney brand in india

I have selected three kitchen chimney brands that are doing best in the Indian market. Let’s took a look those most admire brands by Indian people.


It is an Italian company and quite popular all over the world. Its kitchen chimney and other kitchen appliances are too much popular they work with very advanced level technology.


It is the most successful and respected home appliance company in India. It gives its customer the best experience and value.


This Hindu manufactures bathrooms and a lot of home and kitchen appliances. Its company specialty is that its products are very durable, the customer does not have to take new products again and again.


Hope you are satisfied with the information given by me, please give your response in the comment box below. If your relative or friend is looking for a kitchen chimney, then definitely share this article with your friends to help them buy the right and best kitchen chimney.

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